The WorkEz

This is the entry level sit-to-stand desk, with the most basic maneuverability and therefore is priced the lowest at R1 559 for the computer stand, and R999 for the additional keyboard stand. Because of my existing setup of a laptop always situated to my left, connected to a large screen directly in front of me, and a separate wireless keyboard and mouse, I used both stands during this trial. If you only ever work directly from a laptop, only the one stand would be necessary. Here are more details on the WorkEz sit-to-stand desks:


The WorkEz consists of a flat metal desk on two Z-shaped legs; the angles of the Z-legs are what are changed manually in order to get the angle of the desk top correct for your body. An amazing aspect of the WorkEz is that it is so portable. It folds completely flat, and therefore can easily be packed in a cabin carry-on suitcase for business people that travel a lot, and would prefer to stand at their destination. People with back problems who already take strain from sitting on long flights can easily set up the desk at their destination to relieve the pain for a few hours. Additionally, it can quickly be adapted to provide a handy stand while working from a bed. (Which I really enjoyed. For research purposes only of course…)



The WorkEz desk set up

  • The WorkEz desk stands on top of an existing desk, with no sections that protrude in front of the desk. It is a very neat set-up, with a mouse pad section that clips onto the keyboard stand.



  • I set the WorkEz desk up at the same time as I did the initial trial desk of the Ergotron, and I think it would have been quite frustrating if Jayson from ErgonomicsDirect hadn’t given me the ‘guided tour’.




  • As it was, it was easy to do; it just took time to work out the directions written on the instructions.



  • As stated earlier, it is the angles of the leg components that need to be manually changed in order to angle the desk top appropriately for your height. Sample settings are provided for a quick start, which then just require tweaking to customize. Once I got my head around the fact that I was moving the leg angles and not moving the desk top, it was a simple process. (And while I’m sure you don’t understand what I’ve just said, read this point again when you buy yours, and it will make perfect sense!)
  • By nature of the design, the WorkEz desk lends itself to being set up once at angles that are correct for your body, and used as such while standing and working. When wanting to sit and work, it is easiest to simply remove the stand from your desk and go back to sitting as you normally do. The desk is light and very easy to move around.



  • The handiest thing about the WorkEz is that you can use it in a variety of positions, not only on a desk. Take a look at the picture of the box below to see what I’m on about or have a look at the website link.



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